8 must have Opera Widgets for bloggers and web designers

Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging requires a lot of other tools to help you, like an HTML editor for your post, a color picker to adjust colors of the fonts, the banner, the bar etc. A screen ruler to measure sizes of the various section of your blog or websites. How convenient it would be if you could find all these within the browser itself? Well, if you are using Opera then you are lucky, 'cause Opera has a number of widgets for web designers. If you own a blog or a website then here are 7 must have Opera widgets for you.

1. True HTML Editor

This is a Html/CSS editor with a lot of features:

*View Code Only and View Page Only: You can choose if you want to see the code, the page, or both.
*W3C Validator: Validate your code with the W3C standarts.
*Blog This: Send to your blog the page that your just wrote.
*CSS Builder: Use a user friendly window to quickly make and deploy css.
*Save: Save the file in the Widget memory. It will be load agian with the True HTML Editor.
*Auto Refresh: Turn ON/OFF the auto refresh page.
*Quick HTML/CSS Help: Integraded online help for HTML and CSS.

2. HTML Generator:

A widget that provides a basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript reference for beginning web designers. A nice tool for those who has little or no knowledge of the languages.

3. Screen Ruler:

This is one of the most useful widget I have ever used. It's a virtual ruler!; a useful tool for web designers and maybe for others too :) Simply click the grid in two places to measure the distance between the points (in pixels). To remove the points, click again. You can create straight lines with Shift key. You have to right click this widget to close it, because it covers the whole screen.

4. The Colours Of The Rainbow:

A colour picker which allows selecting colours from either the RGB or HSV colour spaces. Very handy tool for web designers. Now you won't have to open the bulky Photoshop everytime you have to choose a colour.

5. phpManual:

A must for a serious PHP developer; a bar for documenting PHP functions. You can set it display results either in widget or in a new web page. Also click on the PHP icon to set it to it's thumbnail form.

6. Font Colorgradient:

This is a great fun tool. With this widget you can make a color gradient, which you can embed in you website. Type in the text, select the start and end color and click generate. It can generate codes in both HTML and BBcode. Copy the generated code and paste it into a blog, website or a forum.

7. Edicode:

This widget allows you to edit text with unicode. This is a widget where you can enter unicode chars by clicking on buttons. The button set cover several languages and unicode blocks.

8.The CSS Help

It's a reference guide to CSS that provides you with W3C's CSS 2.1 reference on your desktop. .