How to Turn your Mac into a Haunted Computer

Thursday, November 1, 2007

How would you like to have someone walk by a Mac that no one is touching… and have it scare the beejeebuz out of them? It’s quite an easy thing to turn your Mac into a seemingly haunted machine, and I’m going to show you how. Thanks to Wirelesspacket for this tip.

You need to have at least one Mac in the house, of course, in order to do this. First you’ll need to prepare the Mac to talk by going into the System Preferences and make your way into Sharing Preferences. This is normally used for screen and file sharing. However, today we’re going to go there to enable SSH functionality and turn on Remote Login.

I can now connect to this Mac from any other machine on my network, be it another Mac, a Windows computer or even a Linux box. I’m going to need to open a Terminal Window (Command Prompt in Windows). There, I just type the command say followed by a space, and then whatever text I want the Mac to say out loud. Think about it. Someone could be working on their machine, and suddenly it could say to them “Fatal Error! Please Restart! Contact your System Administrator!”.

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